Sleeping Barrel® Village

A fascinating adventure

+ Where there is space there can be a Sleeping Barrel®
+ Staffless reception thanks to Smartlock with Bluetooth and app
+ Air conditioning for heating and cooling
+ Also available as a sauna and / or infrared barrel
+ Explanatory videos for guests are provided
+ Online form for local tax (replaces guest book)

high tech • low cost • green experience

We are as flexible as our Sleeping Barrels®! Learn more about all options like purchase, lease, rentals.

We are happy to help you with any request!

cozy, romantic, crazy & trendy

Perfectly suitable for

many different types of places and needs such as:

Excess capacity & trendy add-on to existing offerings

attractive vertical & additional revenue streams without investments

Tastings without limits

Closer to nature than ever

das neueste Schlaf-Highlight für Ihre kleinen Gäste

What you need on site

Property: Space requirement without sanitary facilities & paths per barrel approx. 25 m2: Space requirement Schlaffass® 10m2 plus feel-good area Necessary infrastructure: Sanitary facilities, electricity, water, sewage

OPTION: Renting the sanitary facilities - we are also happy to rent / sell sanitary containers in a wooden barrel design

How many Sleeping Barrels®?

Our RECOMMENDATION for YOU as the operator
- as an addition to the offer e.g. Camping from 5 Sleeping Barrels®
- for stand-alone projects, depending on the location, from 12 Sleeping Barrels® & approx. 500m2 space requirement

Sleeping Barrel®
on Tour

The flexible variant:
• mounted on the trailer
• ready for use at any time
• already seen: pleasure mile, Tattendorf grape harvest festival, Wiener Wies‘n, Prater, ...inlesefest Tattendorf, Wiener Wies‘n, Prater, ...


Do not hesitate and write us now.
We will be happy to answer your questions and find a suitable model
with you to design your Sleeping Barrel® village according to your requirements!